Do you have what it takes to get mini loans online?


Express financing has become a very popular instrument since it was born in the country in 2008. Online mini-loans allow us to get small amounts of money fast to solve specific unforeseen events that unbalance our economy and require an immediate financial response.

They became popular thanks to their speed and their requirements are more lax than the conditions required by banks to obtain financing, however, this does not mean that we do not have to comply with certain rules to access them.

The 3 basic conditions to apply for mini loans online

The 3 basic conditions to apply for mini loans online


One of the great advantages of online mini-loans is that they are requested in a matter of minutes and that the pre-approval analyzes are carried out, thanks to the application of new technologies, practically instantly. To obtain the approval of the online mini-loan entities, we must fill out some forms through the Internet that will evaluate if we meet the necessary requirements to access them:

  • Be within the age range: generally we must be over 18 years old and under 65 years old. However, some entities set their minimum limit at 21 or 25 years.
  • Living in the country: in order to apply for online mini-loans, we must permanently reside in national territory and have a DNI or NIE to prove it.
  • Enjoy a source of income: having a regular, justifiable and sufficient income is essential for our application to be approved. It does not necessarily have to be a payroll, it can also be a pension, personal income tax or even unemployment benefit.

By meeting these simple requirements we will have no problem accessing online mini-loans with the best offers on the market.

Additional requirements to access the quick mini credits

Additional requirements to access the quick mini credits

In addition to these essential requirements, we must also meet other additional requirements to be able to contract mini-loans online:

Have an active checking account and in our name for the entity to make the transfer of the quick mini credits. It is advisable to choose online mini-loans that work with the bank where we have the account so that transfers are made immediately.

In the event that we are registered in delinquent files we can go to the mini-credits to get the financing we need. In this case, two additional conditions are added on the debt for which we are registered: that it has no connection with a bank and that it does not exceed $ 1,000.

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