16 best makeup brush sets for all levels of the beauty lover

A set of makeup brushes makes a great gift (even if it’s for yourself), but not all are created equal. Too often buyers fall into the trap of picking the first on the shelf and end up with shoddy tools that quickly fall apart or worse, a bunch of brushes they never use. This is why it is important to brush on the options available so that you can get the best value for your money. And luckily for you, we brought in professional makeup artists for expert advice.

How to buy a makeup brush set

“A brush set is important for anyone who does makeup, regardless of skill level,” says celebrity makeup artist Alexis Oakley. “You don’t need too many brushes, even three to five will do.” Here are some other tips to keep in mind when selecting a kit:

✔️ Think about the quality. “Ppay attention to what they feel on the skin. The brushes should be soft and smooth, not rough, ”says Oakley. “The better the quality, the longer they will last. ”

✔️ Check the hairs. Most of the brushes on the market are made from synthetic bristles, which a lot of people love. But the famous makeup artist Jay Alarcon prefers brushes with natural bristles, often goat hair. “Everyone these days wants to be vegan and cruelty-free,” he says. “They are very difficult to find.”

✔️ Function is the key. “Think about your daily makeup routine. You don’t need 25 brushes if you only have a few steps. I say find a really good foundation, a blush, a bronzer, an eyebrow and maybe a couple of eye shadow brushes, ”says Oakley.

✔️ Budget accordingly. While some inexpensive sets will let you down, you don’t have to spend a fortune to get good brushes. Oakley’s must-have brands, Morphe and Bdellium, offer reasonable prices. However, she says if you want to splurge on makeup, the brushes are worth the investment. “Some of the brushes in my kit that I have had for 10 years,” she adds.

✔️ Think about how to clean them. “Taking care of your brushes will also increase longevity,” says Oakley. “It is essential to clean them regularly to prevent the proliferation of bacteria and to make them last longer.

Now that you know what to look for, explore our list of makeup brush sets that will satisfy beauty novices, experts and everyone in between this holiday season.


All inclusive

Set of 27 brushes

If you are looking to cover all bases, this choice will meet basic makeup needs while providing the opportunity to broaden a skill set. It has everything from foundation and blush to powder face brushes, and 19 eye brushes that deliver precision and blend. In addition, it is super affordable.


Essentials only

Rosé Away 6 Piece Set

Both Alarcon and Oakley recommend this Morphe set for makeup beginners. “It’s great because he has exactly what you need, nothing more“Oakley said.” It’s also great for traveling! “


Innovative design

Set of oval makeup brushes

This set is innovative shape and dense bristles make it easy to blend the product quickly and evenly onto the skin, and there is a size for every step of a routine, including foundation, concealer, eye shadow, and more.


Recommended by professionals

Morphe X Jaclyn Hill The Master Remix

“This set was organized by [famed beauty YouTuber] Jaclyn Hill. I think it is great for pros or people who love glam! “says Oakley. It includes brushes for powder, eye shadow, eyeliner, detailing, eyebrows and more.


Best value

Set of 12 vegan brushes

Elf is an affordable and proven makeup brand, and this set includes everything you need at a very reasonable price. In addition, the the bristles are vegan and the handles are ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in the hands of most artists.


Back to the roots

Everyday Essentials Brush Set

Real techniques

$ 18.73

Created by renowned makeup artists and sisters Nicola Haste and Sam Chapman, Real Techniques brushes are loved by many. They’re high quality and super functional, and this set, while minimal, includes everything you need – a powder brush, foundation, setting brush, and eye shadow brush – to create a beautiful look. And this is one of the two sets on this list that has a mixing sponge.


Worthy of madness

Dior behind the scenes

Alarcon says any Dior ensemble is worth it. This contains a powder brush, foundation brush, eyeshadow brush, eyeliner brush and retractable lip brush as well as a fancy carrying case.



Foundation and contour brush set

If you have your eyes covered but are looking for a set that will help you blend foundation, powder, blush, and bronzer, this is your best bet. It’s nice double ended design saves space and time, and its golden handles will be ultra luxurious.


Friendly for holidays

Travel brush kit


$ 7.92

Not all brushes are easily portable due to their long handles which makes the miniature design of this set so awesome. It also has the bare minimum which won’t clutter up a suitcase, but can still accomplish an evening look: A powder brush, an angled liner brush, an angled blender, and two eye shadow brushes will do the job.


Just the eyes

Eye Essentials 5 brush kit

Focus on the details with this comprehensive yet compact eye brush set that comes with a practical carrying case. It includes a large shadow brush, crease brush, blending brush, angled brow brush, and the thinnest pointy liner brush to perfect the sharpest of cat eyes.


Brush set

Computer brushes for ULTA

$ 50.00

Although more expensive, IT Cosmetics brushes are recognized by the beauty world as being among the softest on the market. “So soft and blends in perfectly,” wrote one review of Ulta. Other buyers like that they feel strong and not lose.


Set of 12 Crystal Zodiac brushes

BH Cosmetics

$ 28.00

Make makeup more fun with this well balanced zodiac themed brush set by BH Cosmetics inspired by a range of energizing crystals.


Ulta Beauty X Gilmore Girls Makeup Brush & Sponge Set

Gilmore Girls fans will love this “thousand yellow daisies” brush set because it brings back nostalgic memories from their favorite TV show. With three brushes and two sponges, it covers the basic needs of every look.


Most Wanted Brush Set

Sigma Beauty

$ 73.00

It’s called most wanted for a reason. Sigma is considered an OG brand when it comes to makeup brushes, being one of the first to steer non-professionals away from the foam tip applicator that comes in drugstore palettes. This set includes their most popular designs including a flat top kabuki, a tapered highlighter brush, two eyeshadow blending brushes and a pencil brush.


Professional quality

Katie Jane Hughes 11 Brush Set


$ 145.00

Celebrity makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes created this set in collaboration with Spectrum to bring her ideal professional kit to the masses. Made from synthetic bristles and durable wood handles, these tools are almost too good-looking to use. The whole also Includes Hughes Must-Have Microfiber Towel to clean brushes between uses.


Collection of 20 MUA brushes

This kit is ideal for the current or aspiring professional makeup artist. It is suitable for travel thanks to its foldable case, who also gets up (as pictured) for easy access while working on a client. It includes all the types of brushes needed to achieve a flawless face, from powder mixing all over to the contour of a pouty lip.

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