Adorn Cosmetics gets a makeover with Adobe Commerce

Adorn Cosmetics has quickly established itself as one of Australians’ favorite online destinations for luxury and ethical cosmetic needs.

Today, the Australian beauty brand has given its online shopping experience for “Adorners” a whole new makeover by moving its entire e-commerce environment to Adobe Commerce.

Since its launch in 2009, Adorn Cosmetics has used an open source version of Adobe Magento Commerce to grow its business through direct sales to consumers through e-commerce. Since then, the number of users visiting its e-commerce site has grown significantly as more consumers seek certified products made in Australia and ethically sourced. By switching to Adobe Commerce, the beauty company will transform its digital experience and create a more robust loyalty program.

“Upgrading to Adobe Commerce will allow us to create great products, a great brand and focus on how we can be better as a business,” said Briony Kennedy, founder of Adorn Cosmetics. “We are really excited about the opportunities to optimize our customer experience and merchandising through automation and artificial intelligence in Adobe Commerce. “

Adorn Cosmetics’ new website will use Adobe Commerce features for better research, such as product origin details, ingredients, and accreditations, to educate shoppers and help them make decisions. more informed purchasing decisions. Improved site design and merchandising will create a more engaging and transparent customer journey, helping shoppers find tutorial and podcast content, use live chat for inquiries, and browse products while on the go. filling their baskets.

Adorn Cosmetics will also use Adobe Commerce’s dashboard and reporting capabilities to automatically personalize merchandise recommendations for each customer in real time. The company will be able to leverage website behavior data to recommend products across other media and create value-added customer experiences. For example, customers who purchase makeup applicators may receive helpful reminders when it’s time to clean or change their brushes.

The Adobe Commerce dashboard will also provide unified views on KPIs, to help Adorn Cosmetics create more targeted campaigns for its email database and nearly 100,000+ social media subscribers. .

“Simpler, more holistic data analyzes will save my team a lot of time and effort,” Kennedy said. “Analytics that better inform our social media and email campaigns are key to getting a better return on investment. “

By replacing a limited plug-in that only allows a simple spend reward system, Adorn Cosmetics will also be expanding its customer loyalty program to offer more customer engagement incentives, like returning packaging for recycling. Adobe Commerce will also connect more seamlessly to its inventory system and automate the process, to ensure the website has up-to-date inventory information and to eliminate the need to send emails to customers. customers on availability.

Safety was also a critical imperative for Adorn Cosmetics. Built-in payment gateways and security certifications in Adobe Commerce will allow the business to securely transmit credit card data while eliminating the need to store sensitive information, to provide customers with a seamless experience. smooth and more secure payment. Additional tools like the security scan will also help Adorn Cosmetics monitor its website and receive regular updates on security risks and malware.

“Adorn Cosmetics is on track to deliver on its ambitious vision for e-commerce, create innovative digital experiences for its consumers and positively impact society,” said Scott Rigby, Head of Digital Transformation for Enterprise Solutions at Adobe APAC. “We’re excited to help the Australian brand create more powerful and personalized online shopping experiences, with the flexibility, security and authenticity that Magneto Commerce brings. “

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