Amazon staff urge company to unplug books calling trans people ‘mentally ill’

A number of employees at online retail giant Amazon have called on the company to stop selling books that could be harmful to transgender people on its platform.

Workers took part in the Seattle Pride parades held on Sunday, showing their disapproval of company policies.

Many similar moves have taken place over the past few months, in an effort to force Amazon to remove all books from its platform that contain language that equates trans identity issues with mental illness, which has been debunked by doctors. specialists from all over the world. One of these books is called “Irreversible damage: the transgender craze seduces our girlswhich is one of the first to appear on the website when someone searches for the term “transgender” on the company’s US website.

The book is written by Abigail Shrier and uses unpublished evidence to argue that transgender identity issues are just a passing fantasy of teenagers as they transition into adulthood. The book has received over 6,000 reviews on Amazon’s platform.

However, many of the company’s employees point out that such books could be very problematic for young people trying to find themselves. “It’s quite shocking to see books that promote that trans people shouldn’t transition in the LGBT books section,” said Lina Jodoin, a member of the trans community who transitioned a while ago. two years. “It just hurts on a personal level.” Jodoin quit working at Amazon last month to protest the sale of these books.

The online retailer is known to struggle with such issues, as they usually allow anyone to openly sell whatever they want on their platform, only deciding to take action about a product when they receive it. a significant amount of heat about him. More than half of the items listed for sale on Amazon come from individuals, making it difficult to track what those items actually are. There have been a wide range of things being sold on the platform that could easily be identified as offensive, such as items from the Nazi Auschwitz death camp.

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