Among Us Announces Major Updates After Direct Style Presentation: Roles And New Cosmetics

Among Us just received one of its biggest updates to date, adding new roles and abilities, as well as setting the stage for players to earn exclusive new cosmetics.

As revealed in a Direct-style “Emergency Metting” presentation, Among Us developer Inner Sloth revealed a massive new update to “Roles & Cosmicube” which is available now.

Among Us – Roles and Cosmicube Update

The biggest addition with the update are four all-new roles that give players unique abilities that add new layers to the core murder mechanic. See an overview of the new roles below.

  • Scientist: The scientist can access a portable vital status panel to check the condition of the crew. The portable vitals panel needs to be charged, so they will be given a one-time task to recharge the battery.
  • Engineer: Engineer can use vents to move faster, and also catch vent imposters in the act. However, engineers cannot stay in a vent indefinitely.
  • Guardian Angel: The Guardian Angels is the ghost of the first dead teammate who can temporarily protect and protect other living teammates. If timed correctly, the Guardian Angel can prevent impostors from killing a victim.
  • Shapeshifter: This impostor role allows a player to change their appearance and disguise themselves as other teammates. If done correctly, the Shapeshifter can trap another crew member for a crime they didn’t commit. But the disguise doesn’t last forever.

Another new addition with the update is an extended cosmetic and personalization offering. First, special visors and nameplates will be added so that you can further customize your teammate.

Currently, cosmetics can only be purchased with real money. Going forward, Among Us will add a new currency called Beans which can be earned through gameplay. Beans can be exchanged for new cosmetics in the shop.

Among Us is also adding a new Battle Pass style progression system called Cosmicubes. These Cosmicubes can be purchased in the Store or offered to players during promotions. When a specific Cosmicube is activated, players can earn rewards unique to that Cosmicube by playing Among Us.

There are multiple paths in a Cosmicube, which means players can spend their Pods in different ways for different rewards. Players can own multiple Cosmicubes at a time, but only one can be activated at a time.

Real money can still be used to buy a new currency called Stars, which is Among Us’ new premium currency. Between Stars, Beans, and Cosmicubes, there are plenty of new ways for players to buy or buy. earn cosmetics.

The roles are expected to add a new layer to the popular gameplay of Imposter from Among Us, while new cosmetic offerings move closer to Among Us from games like Fortnite that feature unique ongoing rewards and collaborations. As one of the most popular games currently running, Among Us is showing everyone that it takes the ongoing service seriously.

Matt TM Kim is the editor-in-chief of IGN. You can reach it @lawoftd.

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