BH Cosmetics Party eyeshadow palette review in Puerto Rico

  • Makeup brand BH Cosmetics has launched a Puerto Rican-inspired palette.
  • The eyeshadow palette includes 16 shades with names like “San Juan” and “Coquí”.
  • Puerto Rican writer shares what the product does well and where it missed the mark.

I bought four. As a Puerto Rican, when I first saw the BH Cosmetics Party Eyeshadow Palette in Puerto Rico ($ 10), I called my mom and we decided we needed to buy four. That’s how thrilled we were to see our culture represented in a makeup product. The product itself contains 16 shades of eye shadow ranging from matte yellow and orange to shimmering red and brown, with names like “Flamenco,” “Coquí,” and “Cayo Icacos,” to name a few. only a few.

Fortunately, the nuances did not disappoint. The shadow names, however, did not seem to match.


All BH Cosmetics products are vegan and cruelty-free, and there is a lot of quality for the price. This eyeshadow palette works just as well as some of my high end palettes. The pigment yield of the vivid colors is impressive, the shadows blend beautifully without eye shadow primer and blend very easily. I apply all my shadows with concealer as a base to make the colors even more vibrant. While the lighter matte shades in this palette require a bit more construction, the highlights are stunning on the first try. I will say that when I dip my brush in it, there is quite a bit of powder bouncing around. I’m ready to live with it for these nuances.

Photography POPSUGAR / Adriana Rozas Rivera

I am not disappointed with the quality of the shadows, but I admit that I am a little confused on the color scheme. I was born and raised in Puerto Rico, and when I think of my tropical homeland, I think of greens and blues. This palette is made up of reds, oranges and browns.

While the palette does a great job of highlighting recognizable spots on the island, the colors assigned to each spot aren’t intuitive. The back of the palette mentions the rainforest and beaches of Puerto Rico, but none of the shadows reflect the green trees of El Yunque or the turquoise waters of Culebra. Instead, the “El Yunque” shade is a light creamy pink and “Culebra” is a bright orange. The color selection is wonderful, and maybe other people disagree, but I’m not sure that screams “Puerto Rico” at me.

Photography POPSUGAR / Adriana Rozas Rivera

Despite this, I’m still happy to think that people with makeup across the country wear sunglasses like “Vieques”, “San Juan” and “Isla Verde”. Maybe this will inspire them to come and visit and enjoy these places in person.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Adriana Rozas Rivera

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