Black Friday: Walmart to bring PS5 and Xbox consoles online on November 22

It’s been over a year since the PS5 and Xbox consoles were released, and they still don’t seem any easier to buy. However, Walmart is giving you another chance to get your hands on a PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, or Xbox Series S on Monday, November 22.

Here’s what we know about the availability of the PS5 and Xbox at Walmart so far.

When to buy a PS5 and Xbox at Walmart for Black Friday

In the Walmart Black Friday flyer (see below), the mega-retailer announces the online availability of both versions of the PS5 and both versions of the latest Xbox on November 22.

Walmart Black Friday Ad

What we don’t know is what time the uptime will occur. Walmart has been very good at letting everyone know in advance of its console drops, and it’s also rolling them out in 10-minute increments to deter scalpers and distribute inventory.

How to get a PS5 or Xbox at Walmart for Black Friday

As mentioned earlier, consoles will ONLY be available online. Walmart announced that paid Walmart + members will get a good start on Black Friday deals, having access 4 hours before non-members. We don’t know if this applies to the PS5 and Xbox, but the membership is $ 12.95 and you can’t get early access to Walmart’s Black Friday deals with a trial membership.

Walmart + Membership

Click on “start a paid subscription”

Walmart + Membership

Access Black Friday deals online 4 hours in advance (3 p.m. ET on November 22). Note that this offer is not included in the free trial, so click on the “start paid subscription” button to take advantage of it.

Even if you don’t sign up to become a Walmart + member, I highly recommend that you create a Walmart account before Black Friday if you want to save some time. When you create an account, you enter all of your relevant information: shipping and billing address, credit card information, and name. When consoles become available, the few seconds you save by not having to re-enter all of your information could be the difference between bringing home a PS5 or receiving a dreaded “sorry, this item is no longer available” message.

You can also try bookmarking article pages, but this method isn’t foolproof, as Walmart and other retailers often change URLs on new consoles to keep bots away. Plus, item pages are often picked up by third-party sellers when consoles aren’t available from Walmart, so you’re getting insanely high prices.

Can I get a PS5 or Xbox at my local Walmart

It’s easy: no. The PS5 won’t be in physical locations, and neither will the Xbox. If you want a PS5 for Black Friday, you have to order one online. Ditto if you want an Xbox Series X or S. It’s just the reality we live in now.

Will the PS5 or Xbox go on sale for Black Friday?

lol, no.

What other Black Friday deals does Walmart have?

The official Black Friday kickoff only takes place on Monday, which, yes, doesn’t make sense. However, Best Buy’s Black Friday deals are now live and Amazon matches the Black Friday prices of its competitors. Add to that the confirmation that Nintendo Black Friday deals start on Sunday, November 21, and there is a lot of shopping going on well ahead of the actual Black Friday date.

Basically Black Friday is here and we’re tracking all of the best Walmart Black Friday deals as they happen.

Seth Macy is the editor of IGN Commerce and just wants to be your friend. You can find him hosting the Nintendo Voice Chat podcast.

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