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On Saweetie’s “Pretty Bitch Freestyle”, she raps, “I’m the Birkin bae, keep my baby hair down.” We can confirm with confidence, that is true. Baby hairs are relatively new to the cultural lexicon, but for black women, it has long been both the finishing touch and the main event. Online there has been a lot of debate about what really constitutes baby hair and what is right. being mask as such (if you don’t have them, you don’t have them). But when done correctly, layered edges can enhance any style.

While some can get away with a regular gel or ointment with a toothbrush, it’s easier to perform with the right tools to achieve sleek swoops. That being said, not all edge tamers are created equal. Some don’t have a strong enough grip, while others leave a crusty cast. On top of that, it’s always important to make sure your edge control keeps your hair in place without drying it out. It’s a very delicate balance, but it should always be a priority when styling your baby hair, as the chipped edges aren’t just hyperbole, they are one thing and should be actively avoided. Read on for edge control products that will take your baby’s hairstyle to the next level.

Edge control

Tracee Ellis Ross’s hair is always on point and that’s the only reason to adhere to Pattern’s softer approach to edge control. While this might not be the first choice for those with 4C hair, it does a remarkable job of providing long lasting hold with looser textures and a little goes a long way. Castor oil, a heroic ingredient for hair growth, will help your edges grow over time. In addition, it blends perfectly with their on-board tool.


Flight Tamer

It is a gem that you can easily find in your local beauty supply store. Edge Tamer from 1st Touch Down has a wax-like formula that is easy to work with and a fruity scent that isn’t too potent. In the texture department, this sits in the perfect spot between strong and smooth, so you can count on it for a long-lasting hold without leaving a residue.

1st touch down

Booster board

This ticks all of the same boxes as 1st Touch Down’s edge control, but you can count on a smoother grip, which makes it ideal for looser textures. You can choose from a rainbow variety of different scents, but overall the formula is alcohol-free so it won’t dry out your hair.

Style factor

Edge control

If your edges are getting thinner – a very common problem, by the way – this Black-owned edge tamer can create a more complete finish. On one side of Luxe Life’s Yin Yang Edge Control there is a transparent gel made from coconut oil and on the other side there is a tinted tamer made from castor oil. Tint can give the appearance of a fuller hairline, while castor oil can help replenish sparse strands. The packaging and design of the product makes it a cut above the rest, but the versatile element is what propelled it to the top of our wishlist.

Yin yang

Elegant maximum edge control

Fruity scent? To verify. Smooth texture? To verify. Strong grip? To verify. Design Essentials is an OG in the black-owned hair care category, so it’s not uncommon for you to see it on a high turnover in black salons. But it’s there for a reason: Their Sleek Max Edge Control is a secret weapon for smooth edges and smooth buns.

Design essentials

Gorilla Snot Hair Gel

Not to be confused with Gorilla Glue, which absolutely shouldn’t be used in your hair, Gorilla Snot will maintain your edges both literally and figuratively. The hold is unmatched, but when handling Gorilla Snot, be careful: as the name suggests, the texture looks like glue and can get very sticky. But it’s a small price to pay for a sleek finish and lasting results even on the coarsest textures.

Moco de Gorila

Smooth and hold edge control

Nettle leaf and castor oil are the main characters in the Tgin Smooth & Hold Edge Control ingredient list. The flake-free formula uses healthy ingredients to leave your edges stretched out. If you usually follow your baby hair routine by wrapping your hair in a scarf, it creates a grip strong enough to skip a step in your AM routine, which is a win in itself.


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