Skin care

Essential summer skin care tips

Protecting and caring for the skin should be a part of health care regimens throughout the year. Such an approach can help people look their best and also uncover minor issues before they escalate into something bigger. National Geographic says adults can carry eight pounds and 22 square feet of …

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Sirona launches the first serums for sensitive skin

The company was formed in 2015 and its first product was PeeBuddy, a reusable urination device that helps women urinate while standing up, to provide women with more convenient and less unpleasant experiences in public restrooms. Since then, the company has expanded its product portfolio to include sanitary napkins, menstrual …

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The 4 most common myths about wrinkles

Put a blister plaster on your face! Slather on Vaseline! DIY your own facial scrub with coffee grounds! TikTok might be a great place to check out a kitchen trick to a genius dish, but when it comes to social media skincare tips, it can be hard to tell the …

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