Chloe Walsh credits TikTok followers for CoCo Cosmetics expansion

An ambitious business owner credited her 100,000 TikTok followers for helping grow her makeup business.

Chloe Walsh, from Dalton, created CoCo Cosmetics by Chloe in December 2018 after seeing a demand for unique, high-quality makeup.

The 23-year-old started her cosmetics business from her bedroom and never expected to be inundated with orders from all over the world.

The company sells a range of products including eyelashes, lip pencils, gift sets, and its hugely popular marshmallow sponge.

Ms. Walsh’s growing audience on the TikTok video-sharing platform has allowed her to expand her two-year business into a new office in Furness Gate, Barrow to meet growing demand.

She said: “I actually started as a makeup artist and decided to start my own business selling better makeup for clients which was unique and different.

“It’s so rewarding to see what makeup can do for someone’s confidence and the difference they can make.”

Miss Walsh mainly sold to local customers until December of last year, when she started posting videos about her business on TikTok.

These ranged from videos like: the day in the life of a makeup artist, how makeup works on the skin or packing in orders.

The company quickly began to accumulate subscribers and recently passed the 100,000 subscriber mark on the app.

Miss Walsh said she had always been ambitious and set goals for herself.

“I’ve always wanted to set goals for myself and grow my business as much as possible,” she said.

“Since we have more and more subscribers on TikTok, we are shipping orders all over the world, to the US and Australia – it’s got a little crazy.

“TikTok has definitely been the best platform to promote my business. You only need one video to go viral which could help your business a lot.

“TikTok definitely allowed me to expand the business and move to a bigger office. It has been a crazy year for my business.

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