Cosmetics makers see business opportunities in using fewer COVID-19 masks


Tokyo, Aug. 16 (Jiji Press)–As more and more people in Japan cautiously move away from the constant wearing of COVID-19 masks, cosmetics makers are doing all they can to sell lipsticks, blush blushes and other products for use on parts of the face that have been covered with masks.

The Japanese government’s announcement of its view that wearing face masks is no longer necessary under certain conditions, such as when not involved in active conversations, has given cosmetics companies the hope to improve sales of products that have plunged amid the novel coronavirus pandemic.

In July, Shiseido Co. held large-scale events selling Makeup brand products and other cosmetic items in seven cities nationwide.

Thanks to infection prevention measures, the events were able to attract a total of more than 6,000 people.

“I want to buy a new lipstick because I’ve been taking off my face mask more often recently,” said a woman in her 20s who visited the event in Tokyo’s Shinjuku district.

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