Earn 10,000 rupees selling old 500 currencies online

Have you ever thought that you give a rating of 500 and get Rs. 10,000 in return? If you thought and it didn’t happen, it will happen today. Yes, in fact, we’ll tell you how. RBI prints banknotes and these banknotes are printed in a particular pattern with great care. In such situation, if there is an error in the notes when printing RBI and if they come to market, then these notes become special.

Now, in printing the note that we are going to tell you about today, there was a big mistake. Because of this, even after demonetization, people spend thousands to buy it. In fact, what we are talking about is a very special note. The serial number has been printed twice in this memo. In this case, if you have 500 banknotes with a serial number printed twice, you can sell it online for 5,000 rupees.

Yes, at the same time another 500 rupee note is being sold online for 10,000 rupees. The note would have been left with extra paper from the edge. Now if you have a note with extra paper on the side, you can get ten thousand rupees instead. So what happens now that if you got such bills you old Indian hit them.

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