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Much like technology, fashion has always been at the forefront of innovation – from the earliest inventions like the textile loom and sewing machine, to the modern rise of e-commerce.

After a difficult 2020, the fashion industry is now growing at a faster rate than ever, and with it the need for sustainable warehousing facilities with fast and efficient procedures in place to ensure the fastest and most accurate speed to market.

For large fashion retailers, Rhenus Warehousing Solutions Lutterworth has the perfect solution, providing bespoke warehousing, distribution and order fulfillment services to a number of long-time customers, including Marks and Spencer.

In June, the warehousing solutions expert will launch its “Always in Fashion” campaign, which aims to influence networking opportunities with potential fashion customers.

Harry Wheelhouse, European Sector Director at Rhenus, said: “Rhenus Logistics performs exceptionally well on a global scale, delivering innovative solutions, regardless of the scale or complexity of customer requirements.

“The UK has a comparatively very developed fashion market, which means there is great potential for customers to benefit from a wide range of third-party resources to enhance the consumer experience.

“As an industry leader and family-owned group of logistics service providers, we pride ourselves on our tailored approach to delivering services, which includes the development of innovative solutions and automation, use highly experienced fashion agents and the management of tailor-made inventory control systems.

“The fashion industry can benefit tremendously from the speed to market that we offer as the industry sees a high rate of merchandise returns of up to 25%, any further improvement we can make really benefits the retailer. .

“Fashion is a question of heritage for us. We have a team of highly experienced colleagues who are fully equipped to deal with stringent requirements, with effective procedures in place to ensure quality is maintained and deadlines are met. “

Harry Wheelhouse believes that the rapid growth of e-commerce has had a profound effect on the logistics industry.

He continued, “The e-commerce industry has taken off in such a way that we see it not only offsetting the negative effects of the decline in in-store retail, but also overtaking it.

“Fashion shopping methods are constantly evolving, and a large number of consumers today want to be able to bypass Main Street entirely, waiting for an option to order a new product online as soon as it is available. will be available or seen on social networks. , and have them delivered directly the next day.

“As a leading logistics provider, we believe that adaptability is essential, which is why we make it our duty to stay abreast of the ever-changing demands of the industry with our tailor-made services, our speed, our innovation and efficiency.

To find out how Rhenus Warehousing Solutions Lutterworth can help your business, please call 01455 200700 or email [email protected] For more information on Rhenus Group, visit

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