GrandeLip Plumper from Grande Cosmetics is 30% off on Amazon

There is this belief in my group of friends that in order to get fuller lips in photos and IRL, you have to position your lips the same way they would if you said “trim” out loud. According to a friend who overheard it from another and so on, this is what the Olsen twins do when photographed by the paparazzi. Do I believe this? No. Is it hilarious to see my friends say “trim” when they take pictures? Absolutely yes.

I’m here to tell them and tell you that there is a way to avoid having to repeat the name of a fruit? (really no idea what a prune is) in order to get the pout of your dreams. Heck, you don’t even have to leave your seat to get it. There’s this plumping lip gloss from Grande Cosmetics – you might have heard of their customer-beloved eyelash serum – which buyers say is the best around. And, today only, you can buy it for under $ 20.

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It’s through this under-the-radar beauty sale that Amazon has RN. If you head to the Holiday Beauty Haul storefront, you’ll see pages upon sales pages on beloved products, like TruSkin Vitamin C Serum which is an incredibly emotional SkinCeuticals dupe.

Let’s get back to why we’re here: GrandeLip Sheer Gloss is something critics swear you need in your beauty routine, and today the $ 27 essentials are on sale at 30% off and at just under $ 19. A sale of this property usually only takes place on the premium day or closer to the holidays, so we advise you to take advantage of it while it lasts.

According to buyers, this plumper works in minutes to make your lips look fuller. You can use it as a stand-alone gloss or integrate it seamlessly into your regular beauty routine. He’s so beloved that critics have gone so far as to say he’s responsible for creating “the perfect pout.”

“II plump my lips up a bit and make them look 100 times better than without, ”wrote one five-star reviewer who uses it as a base coat twice a day. “My lipstick holds up much better. I apply it before I put on makeup in the morning, and I apply it well to the edges to soften the outline of my lips.

Courtesy of: Grande Cosmétique.

It’s something ideal to have on hand whenever you need a little pick-me-up. Put it on before a date, a girls’ night out, a wedding, etc. It’ll give you that little confidence boost you might need to feel the way you deserve – like a bombshell.

Additionally, the brand claims that it can lead to fuller long-term effects as well as quick plumping moments. A consumer study showed that when shoppers used it two to three times a day for a month, they saw “an increase in overall lip volume.” No wonder reviews have called it a great alternative to cosmetic procedures.

“I have to say it makes a noticeable difference for me in how full my lips look after using it,” wrote one five-star reviewer. “I thought about the lip charges recently just to slightly plump my lips – not too much – if that’s you, or you just want a pretty full lip look, then I say give this a try, honey.

Now, at three, not everyone says prune!

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