Halo Infinite cosmetics and the Battle Pass were created “a long time ago”

In a recent Reddit post, Halo Community Director Ske7ch provides some transparency on what led to the development of Halo Infinite and where 343i is today.


Halo Infinite has divided the franchise’s loyalists, and some Halo fans joke that this is the second Great Schism for the community. Based on recent Halo Reddit posts, they aren’t too far off the mark. Halo Infinite’s F2P structure has been widely criticized across the board, and players are struggling with the intense monetization and challenge-based progression systems.

Community director Ske7ch has talked a lot about Halo Infinite on Reddit. Ske7ch admits the studio has a lot of work to do with Halo Infinite and confirms that bigger changes will take some time due to the “complexity” of the game.

“[Adding Slayer] just isn’t as trivial as “pushing a button”. And at the scale and complexity of this game, any change could have a monumental negative impact without extensive testing. Sorting out those feedback issues and finding “what we CAN do now” is what the team is already doing and will continue to do.

“Everything has to be tested. Everything has downstream dependencies and ripple effects. And we’re 4 days away from a global launch with a vacation right after that.”

Halo Infinite cosmetics and the Battle Pass were created

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Ske7ch comments on the progression system, saying it isn’t necessarily ideal and is actually critical of the grind the game was launched with. The director says larger, generalized changes to the challenge system will take some time to be accomplished.

Smaller scale challenge adjustments are coming with the new playlist update scheduled for launch before the end of the year.

“We currently have UI limitations with the game in the manner and number of playlists that are exhibited. We have complex and non-ideal progression and challenge systems interwoven into playlists and modes that aren’t necessarily trivial to decouple and change (yes, the whole challenge / progression system needs a lot of work – something the team is keenly aware of and prioritizing).

“And again, we know this whole challenge system isn’t ideal and while I’m glad they were able to make some interim adjustments to the pace of progress and remove some of the more frustrating RNG challenges, there is has absolutely more work to do and it’s not the ideal vision the Live team has in mind. “

Halo Infinite cosmetics and the Battle Pass were created

Another interesting piece of information was how the Battle Pass and Halo Infinite cosmetics were designed “a long time ago” and apparently have no bearing on the playlist system. Ske7ch confirms what we already know: 343i will continue to learn as it goes and adapt based on player feedback, which is the nature of all live games.

The main difference here is that Halo Infinite fell into the “throw first, fix it later” trap of live service games – something that has ruined games like Anthem, the failed shooter from. EA.

“Is there room to continue to assess the overall economy and value to players? Absolutely and this is also an area the team is constantly monitoring and learning.

“The creation of cosmetics and the Battlepass have absolutely nothing to do with something like a playlist. This content was created a long time ago, is static and was not created” instead of lists reading “.

“Was it a priority to make sure that this game could actually generate income? Sure.

343 Industries will soon unveil its upcoming fixes, updates and changes. Until then, the community has continued to post daily threads detailing their reviews of the game.

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