How to increase Instagram sales in 2022

According to Instagram’s latest trending report, more than one in four teenagers and young adults buy directly from their social media feeds. Almost half of the younger generation follows their interest in shopping on Instagram. In total, 130 million users per month press to reveal Instagram product labels to learn more about products and consider purchases.

The numbers don’t lie; if you are selling your products online, you cannot ignore the power of instagram. In 2022, posting product photos and collaborating with influencers is not enough. Read on to learn more about the features and practices that will help you stay ahead of your competition and increase your income through social selling in 2022.

Create an Instagram store

If you don’t have an Instagram store yet, setting up one is your first step that will open the doors to the abundance of ecommerce-friendly Instagram features. Here’s a three-step guide to help you get started with your store today.

Once you’re ready with the setup, people will be able to enter your product pages directly through Instagram. Add product tags to your posts, stories, reels, and Instagram TV to maximize the effects.

When users tap the tags, they discover details about the product they are interested in, they can share it with others, purchase immediately, or save the product to their Wish List and come back to buy it on their payday: )

Source: @maarjewellery

Leverage AR purchases

Augmented reality (AR) is here to stay. Companies in different niches are exploiting filters to allow users to “try out” their products from the comfort of their sofa.

A great use case for AR in Instagram Shopping comes from MAC Cosmetics. The brand offers users to try out different shades of lipsticks using AR filters. This way, they make users feel like they are shopping in store. Additionally, the solution helps users make informed purchasing decisions and, in turn, reduce the number of returns for the brand.

AR filters on Instagram

Source: @maccosmetics

AR filters can support the buying process for different niches such as beauty, fashion and home decor.

Start a digital thrift store

In 2021, the Instagram thrift trend started to flourish. People from all parts of the world are reusing pre-liked items and organizing their collections which they sell on Instagram.

If you are just starting out and looking for ecommerce business ideas, a thrift store on social media is one of the trends to consider. Sustainability is a trend that is gaining more and more popularity every year. The values ​​behind a brand are important not only for Gen Z but also for older generations. If green is important to you, consider starting your business based on your values ​​(and significantly those of buyers).

Instagram thrift stores

Source: @tiredthrift

Organize live shopping sessions

Direct shopping is another feature that cuts the distance between seller and buyers, making the online shopping experience immersive, akin to traditional shopping. It allows you to sell products during a live broadcast on Instagram and interact with customers in real time. You can also save the videos to your Instagram profile for those who couldn’t join you live.

Live Instagram shopping broadcasts

Source: @tanyataylor

If you have access to Instagram checkout, you can complete transactions directly during the live broadcast. But if you don’t have access to checkout yet, you can still take advantage of live feeds on Instagram to showcase new collections and answer customer questions in real time.

Long story short

If you want to increase your Instagram sales in 2022, you need to follow the latest trends and keep an eye out for Instagram updates. If you don’t have an Instagram store yet, set it up to take advantage of the power of different shopping features and opportunities. Take advantage of AR filters and live shopping sessions to humanize your brand and deliver a great shopping experience. If an ecommerce store is still a distant dream for you, consider entering one of the trendy niches, such as thrift stores.

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