How to unlock Fortnite Balenciaga cosmetics: outfits, back accessories, pickaxes and more

Epic Games has announced a collaboration between the hit battle royale title Fortnite and luxury fashion brand Balenciaga, allowing players to wear their high fashion clothing while crossing the island.

In recent years, we’ve seen multiple collaborations between luxury fashion brands and gaming and esports companies. Fnatic and 100 Thieves partnered with Gucci, while League of Legends worked with Louis Vuitton.

While the two demographics are generally not seen as the ones that would naturally collide, there is clearly a huge market for them, with Fortnite and Balenciaga announcing their collaboration.

So, with in-game cosmetics tailored for some real-world clothing from collaborators, here’s what you can unlock and how to get them.


All Fortnite Balenciaga cosmetics

Mimicking some of the pieces that will be available for purchase in Balenciaga stores and on the website, there are several different outfits, sprays, and back accessories available for players to bow to their opponents.

Here’s what’s included in the collaboration:

  • Fortnite Balenciaga Outfits

    • Ramirez Unleashed Outfit: She comes high. (Comes with the Silver Unchained Ramirez alt style.)
    • Shady dog ​​outfit: Who is a stylish boy? (Comes with Midnight Shady Doggo and Cardinal Shady Doggo alt styles.)
    • Trendy Banshee Outfit: Battle bus prepared. Ready for the track. (Comes with the 24K Fashion Banshee alt style.)
    • Knight’s outfit in the game: So retro you can call it a rebirth. (Comes with the Stealth Game Knight Style alt.)
  • Fortnite Balenciaga back blings

    • Lugger Back Bling Logo: Allover prints are out right now.
    • Sports bag with skate pocket on the back: Perfect for holding both stuff AND stuff.
    • Daily Sleekpack Back Bling: High fashion. Low profile.
    • Camo Carrier Back Bling: Where did I leave this backpack?
  • Fortnite Balenciaga pickaxe, glider, wrap & emote

    • Speed ​​Sneaker Pickaxe: Who says you can’t use a sneaker as a pickaxe? (Comes with five alternative styles in different colors.)
    • Parasailing Handbag Glider: We left you a lip balm.
    • Signature Wrap Look: Add texture to your textures. (Comes with Midnight and 24K alt styles.)
    • The emoticon of the look: Strike a pose.
  • Fortnite Balenciaga Aerosols

    • Trendy Doggo Spray
    • Knight Looks Spray
Epic games

The new Balenciaga Fortnite sprays are free for players to unlock.

How to unlock Fortnite Balenciaga cosmetics

If you’re looking to get your hands on the all-new outfits and cosmetics, the only ones you can unlock by completing in-game challenges are the sprays.

In the announcement post, they said, “From September 21 at 10 am ET to 10 am ET on September 28, Shady Doggo has two quests for you. Strike the perfect graffiti pose and bring him new Triple sneakers. S to unlock the Free Spray Fashion Doggo and Spray Looks Knight!

As for the rest of the cosmetics, including the outfits, they should arrive on September 20, 2021, To 8 p.m. ET (5 p.m. PT / 1 h BST). Costs aren’t clear within the year, but we’ll make sure to update this page when we know everything.

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