How to use elf Cosmetics Putty Primer as an eyeshadow base

I recently (and reluctantly) agreed that if I want to create an eye shadow look that stays on my oily lids for more than two hours, I can’t skip the priming process.

However, after I came to this conclusion, I realized that I didn’t even own an eyeshadow base. Instead of waiting around wearing eye shadow until I bought one, I decided to try and stick with what I had in stock – the elf Cosmetics Luminous Putty Primer (9 $). Depending on the brand, the product can be applied to the eyelids before the eyeshadow to help hold it in place.

After cleansing, moisturizing and washing my hands, I applied a very thin base coat of putty with my fingertips all over my face. The product is designed to give the skin a subtle radiant glow and to improve the hold of makeup. Using my ring finger, I also gently applied an even lighter base veil to my lids. Then I waited the recommended 30 seconds for the base to set before starting the rest of my makeup.

When it came to eye shadow, I found that having prepped lids made it much easier for me to apply and blend my shimmering pink eyeshadow. My eyeshadow brush slid across the surface of my lids, allowing me to better distribute the shadow over my entire eyelid.

Of course, I was much more interested in seeing if my face primer could help prevent eye shadow creases and spots for over an hour or two.

I applied the eyeshadow around 9am, then immediately logged into my email for a full day’s work. I sat at my desk for a good portion of the day, but took a few breaks for lunch, walking my dog, and doing some errands in my neighborhood. I made sure to check my makeup in the mirror every hour and document any changes. It wasn’t until 5pm that day that I noticed that some of my eyeshadows were slightly wrinkled. Overall this was a huge improvement over my pre-prime days; I would be lucky if I made it to a 2 p.m. coffee break with no stains or smears.

The crease was also pretty easy to blend with my ring finger. Before going out for dinner, I touched up my eye makeup a bit with a little more shadow and a swipe or two of mascara.

I think I’ll always invest in a proper eyeshadow primer, like elf Cosmetics Putty Eye Primer ($ 4- $ 5), but I’m happy to know that my face primer will still be there as a solid backup.

Image source: elf Cosmetics

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