I tried a facial reflexology tool for its skin benefits

If you’ve been following me for awhile, you probably know that I’m no stranger to trying anything under the sun that will give me better skin and a well-deserved feeling of relaxation throughout the day. (Guess that’s just part of the job when you’re a beauty and wellness writer.) To be transparent, I usually try out these beauty and wellness routines out of necessity. So when I felt I needed to increase the firmness of my skin, I looked into traditional Chinese medicine to see what I could find to help restore my skin to a supple bounce after the twenty-fifth. anniversary.

It turns out that there are a myriad of skin care benefits by stimulating acupressure points with a reflexology tool. A reflexology tool is a pen-shaped tool with a round end that is used to stimulate acupressure points to be cleared Qi blockages in the meridians of the body. According to Ted J. Kaptchuk, the OMD book, The web that has no weaver, “In Chinese meridian theory, [meridians] are invisible but are believed to embody some kind of information network – Qi and blood move along them, and a therapeutic system is conceptually organized through the details of its design. Because the Meridian system unifies all parts of the body, it is essential for maintaining a harmonious balance. “When we clear the meridians of blockages, we are able to dive into a better state of health where we experience better sleep, improved focus, calmer moods, and even clearer skin.

Now I have done acupuncture before so I cannot say that I am totally foreign to the benefits of stimulating acupressure points in my body. However, I * am * a stranger to finding these points on my own body. To help me determine which points I can stimulate at home, I turned to two professionals: the licensed acupuncturist in Ora, Dr Sian James DACM, LAc, LMT, RYT, and the licensed acupuncturist and specialist in Fertility, Facial and Pain, Dr. Anna Hsieh Or, DACM, L.Ac, FABORM.


Before stimulating specific points on my face for learned and clear skin, I first had to do some prep work. According to Dr. James, “because everything is connected by meridians, you must first remove blockages under your face before stimulating acupressure points.” This includes massaging the chest with a gua sha tool in upward and outward movements, then moving the gua sha tool from the jaw to the chest, and finally performing a gua sha facial massage with movements upwards and outwards to rid the face of stagnant liquid. . Dr James says, “You can’t clear blockages from the face if there are blockages in the neck or chest,” so I made sure I didn’t skip that part.

As previously stated, I turned twenty-five this year, which means I’m finally on the verge of really taking my skin elasticity seriously. (It’s not that I haven’t done this before, I just haven’t seen any noticeable sagging or loss of firmness so far.) Dr. Gold reveals that “many acupressure points that are good for the skin of the face are in fact located all over the body. ” Dr Gold recommended that I stimulate Lung 7, located on the forearm, as the lungs control the elasticity of the skin. In addition, Dr Gold recommended that I stimulate the stomach 2, located below the pupil, to increase the firmness around my eyes.

In addition to wanting to restore a bouncy feeling to my cheeks, I was also interested in reducing inflammation in my sensitive skin. Dr Gold states that “when there is inflammation it usually indicates that there is excess heat.” For this reason, she recommends stimulating the 10 spleen, located near the knee, which promotes circulation and cools the blood, effectively benefiting the skin. Dr. James also recommends the third eye point, located between the eyebrows, stomach 5, and stomach 6, located slightly above the jaw bone, and the points on the temples.

facial reflexology


I started to stimulate these points during my nighttime skincare routine. Dr James reveals to Coveteur, “There is no set amount of time you have to stimulate a point, just listen to your body and see how long is best for you.” I used my Gua Sha Acupressure Mount Lai Spoon as long as needed at each location, which usually lasted about a minute or two. Then I continued with the rest of my routine of sleeping masks and thick eye creams before I fell asleep.

I noticed a significant improvement in the radiance of my skin, as well as a decrease in the amount of puffiness in my cheeks. Also, even though I didn’t have a lot of acne before, I certainly felt a texture on my forehead that is pretty much gone now. I will not lie: the results are not instantaneous. I had to stimulate the points around my body and on my face every night for about two weeks before seeing results. And that’s okay, because acupuncture and acupressure don’t work on the idea of ​​being an immediate solution to health problems! Rather, it is a cumulative way of bringing the body and skin back to homeostasis.

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