Juice Beauty’s Karen Behnke on Creating Clean Beauty Products That Really Work

Today, the category of natural beauty has truly reached the peak of its popularity, but in 2005 when Juice Beauty launched, it was another era for beauty. It was the days of harsh scrubs, acidic astringents, purple eye shadow, and lots of lip gloss. But Karen Behnke knew that when she wanted to create a beauty brand, she wanted to take a whole different path. “Faced with hormonal changes and the onset of wrinkles in my skin, I set out to find healthy skin care solutions that showed visible results. My goal was to create luxurious organic formulations that work better than conventional beauty products. I was amazed to learn that while the skin can absorb what is placed in it, there were very few healthy personal care products available that worked well, ”she says. So she worked a lot with chemistry doctors, physicians and microbiologists to perfect the chemistry of Juice Beauty. The formulations started with a basic premise: She believed that by formulating with a base of organic botanical juices rich in antioxidants and vitamins, rather than with derivatives of PEGS / petroleum or water, and combining them with powerful skin care ingredients, it would give better results than conventional or natural products.

Clean slate

In fact, Juice Beauty was created even before the clean beauty revolution began. For Behnke, being clean back then meant using safe ingredients that would really work and finding well-tested solutions. “Product development, with our professional chemists, is my passion. I love working with all of our ingredients, which we have developed for the clean beauty industry and which offer an alternative to the main conventional chemical ingredients. For example, organic grape seeds instead of silicones, coconut alkanes instead of dimethicones, plant pigments instead of synthetic dyes, non-nano refined zinc instead of chemical sunscreens, argan tree + a dark purple carrot instead of carbon black and more, ”she says.

On the other hand, that doesn’t mean that wanting to use natural ingredients has to necessarily push you down the DIY path. “I don’t think DIY skin care is a good idea, as many consumers ask us for our help after burning their faces while trying to DIY in their kitchens. Why would anyone try to be a chemist if they don’t? Behnke said. Instead, look for brands and products that have validated their ingredients and tested (and re-tested) them to ensure they are effective. Although we use very different chemistry labs than conventional chemical companies, we use the same clinical validation study labs. We’re doing it because we want the same PhD scientists who study wrinkle depth, hyperpigmentation reduction, skin tone and texture changes for big brands to look at the results of Juice Beauty products ” , she confirms.

But designing products that are organic, safe and truly effective is the challenge. Behkne worked with Gwyneth Paltrow (an investor in Juice Beauty) to create a mascara that would suit any club – being clean, but really durable. “We turned down so many of our original formulas because we both wanted to have a mascara that would stay put, while having clean, natural, and organic ingredients with no synthetic dyes. Plus, no harsh glues, so we used vegetable resin instead. The end goal is a product that the consumer does not have to compromise with, making it a win-win solution for everyone.

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