Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care pledges not to raise prices in 2022

Keenesburg, CO, May 21, 2022 — ( — Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care, which pioneered organic skincare in Colorado 36 years ago, pledges not to raise prices in 2022. At times like these, Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care is incredibly proud to underscore this commitment to you: no matter what happens in the world around us, they refuse to create further hardship for their customers. Whether you’re feeling the pinch at the gas pump or on your home energy bills, you can count on Lily Farm Fresh not to increase the cost of their organic skin care products.

Many industries around the world are experiencing upward pressure on costs in certain areas such as food, perishables and other supplies that are affected by global supply chain constraints. Lily Farm Fresh grows, harvests, and handcrafts their fresh ingredients on their own organic farm in Colorado, helping them pass on their manufacturing cost savings to their customers.

Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care, established in 1986, pioneered organic skin care in Colorado and has been proud to be in the organic skin care industry for 36 years. They are committed to helping their loyal customers wherever they can.

Please support Lily Farm Fresh in this commitment by sharing her commitment with your customers and recommending local Colorado produce.

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