P800-K allocated to halal cosmetics market research

MANILA – The government has allocated PHP 800,000 for carrying out market research on halal cosmetics until October, an official from the Institute for Industrial Technological Development (ITDI) said on Wednesday.

“When we say halal cosmetics, it was done according to the principles of Halal Insurance Management System and Sharia (Islamic Law). The content used follows Sharia law. The content is not against Sharia law, as it does not come from animals and factories, ”ITDI director Anabelle Briones told the Philippine news agency.

Briones added that both the production process and the production area will be exclusive to halal cosmetics. “The equipment to be used is also only for the production of halal cosmetics. Cleanliness is also necessary for both the production and the workers,” she continued.

Of the total funding, Briones said PHP 500,000 came from the Department of Science and Technology (DOST), while ITDI provided PHP 300,000.

“Our target (for these products) is the growing Muslim population, as well as non-Muslims who are looking for clean and safe products. We are also targeting the export market in Muslim countries,” she said.

ITDI hired the University of the Philippines – Diliman to conduct the market research. Briones said ITDI needs a third party to do the market research and UP is an expert on this.

She said part of the funding was used to manufacture the products needed for the market research. These products would be given to companies included in a survey.

“Through a halal product acceptance survey (from ITDI), we would know what else we could improve to better serve customers. We are doing the survey in various areas because we had included companies from the cosmetics industry, ”Briones noted.

According to Briones, interested entrepreneurs and technology adopters would benefit from this project.

“We have received many inquiries about halal cosmetics technology. A potential adopter of the technology has also expressed interest,” she said. (ANP)

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