Pilling Skin Care: Everything You Need To Know About It

You practice your skin care routine diligently, applying the products correctly. But have you ever noticed how some products, like moisturizers or serums, start to form small lumps rather than being absorbed into the skin? You might be thinking that your products have probably expired, but let us tell you, they are not. But then what?

“There are several potential causes for the tiny granules that your skin care products sometimes create – luckily, they’re all pretty easy to fix,” Dr. Jushya Sarin said in an Instagram post.

Below, she shares everything you need to know:

What is pilling for skin care?

This is when your skin care products don’t gel well or soak into the skin “forming tiny balls that sit on top of your skin like cotton balls.”

This means that there is something on the skin that does not allow the product to be absorbed. The reasons can range from not doing the correct layering or applying too many products at once.

How to prevent pilling skin care?


“Polymers are used to form a film on the skin for a long lasting effect, but if it’s too much or if you use something else silicon-based or oil-based, you will see pilling,” he said. she explains. Make sure you apply the lightest products first, then the heavier ones. “It will also help you if you are looking for products with more active ingredients, allowing optimal results with minimal layers,” she added.

Keep patience

This is important when practicing your skin care routine. Dr Sarin said pilling usually happens when not enough time is allowed for one product to be absorbed before applying the next. Make sure to keep at least a minute or more between layers.

Exfoliation helps

Exfoliating before practicing your skin care routine effectively helps absorb products and also removes dirt and grime and unclogs pores. But, note that applying a lot of products to heavily exfoliated skin can also lead to pilling. Dr Sarin pointed out that “a lot of products pound themselves when used on skin that has been on retinoids.”

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