Red Dead Online’s weekly update turns the West into a seller’s market for traders

It’s Tuesday and another weekly Red Dead Online update has rolled out. Each week a role or activity receives a set of bonuses and rewards attached to it, and this time around, the game’s enterprising traders are the group of choice. Additionally, players will find that eliminating Anarchy earns them extra cash this week when they face off bandit hideouts or participate in Trade Route Free Roam events.

All of the bonuses, rewards and discounts available this week in Red Dead Online have been described in a blog post from Rockstar Games.

Bonuses for traders

For all traders in Red Dead Online, the Wild West has become a seller’s market. Whether they move their cargo locally or take a risk and deliver it long distances, traders will make twice as much money as they normally would. In addition, any completed sale will also earn players a 40% off offer on any novice or promising merchant or camp dog item.

Likewise, all traders who stand up for their peers and participate in Trade Route Free Roam events will earn double the usual character and role XP.

If you are not yet a trader and aspire to sell all kinds of animal products, now is the time to join us. A butcher’s table, the necessary camp accessory to become a trader, is currently awarded with five gold bars.

More XP to clear gang hideouts

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You don’t have to be a trader to earn a little extra XP by taking down bandits. Anyone who clears a gang hideout will earn double the usual XP for next week.

Free treasure

Players who need a little quick cash can almost always pull out a treasure map and go looking for gold. This week a card can be quickly earned by purchasing any brochure in a fence. After receiving your brochure, the card will be added to your account within three days. Also, don’t worry about the prohibitive price of the brochures, as all non-role brochures are also discounted by 30%.

Discounts for everyone

This week’s offers and discounts apply to player camps and trader role items. If you’re in the market for a new tent, camp theme, or even a hunting cart, now’s the time to pick one.

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