Resellers are looking for hundreds of empty Timbiebs boxes and packaged goods

In connection with a major promotion from Canadian coffee giant Tim Hortons and song superstar Justin Bieber, some people are looking to cash in on the limited edition merchandise.

Earlier last month, the company announced a collaboration with pop star Justin Bieber that included three new flavors of the iconic Timbit.

In addition to the treats, Tim Hortons also offers a tote bag, beanie and bum bag, all featuring the Timbiebs logo.

Now it looks like all the products, including the packaging that the Timbits are given out in, cost a lot of money online.

One vendor even listed a set of five boxes, most of them unfolded, for $ 300.

Some other listings have lower prices for the product, but they are still much higher than the usual retail price of $ 29.99.

“Brand new and still in its packaging,” reads an ad offering a three-piece limited edition set. “A must for the holidays!”


Tim Hortons, in an email to CTV News on Saturday, said many restaurants in Canada had sold out Timbiebs merchandise “very quickly” when they became available in stores.

But it’s something they were anticipating and more may be available soon.

“We knew our guests would be very excited about our partnership with Justin and that we would be challenged to meet the incredible demand for our Timbiebs Timbits and limited edition merchandise,” said Hope Bagozzi, Director of Marketing .

“We’re happy to share that we’ve given restaurants that have already sold out the option to order more stock, so we encourage customers to try their local Tim again if the product wasn’t available the last time they checked out. . “

Even though the merchandise has a limited circulation, Bagozzi suggests that superfans should focus on stores to find what they’re looking for instead of looking for dealers and paying a premium.

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