Shin-Etsu Chemical has developed a new volatile silicone fluid for personal care

TOKYO – (BUSINESS WIRE) – Shin-Etsu Chemical Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Tokyo; President: Yasuhiko Saitoh) has developed a new type of volatile liquid silicone, “KF-4422”.

Volatile silicone fluids are essential components that are used in the development of various personal care products, including skin care, makeup and sun protection products. This product will improve the sensory feeling of users of various personal care products, at the same time, by combined use with silicone film formers, it can add high water resistance property.

KF-4422, the newly developed product, is a high purity volatile silicone fluid which was developed by replacing part of a methyl group with an ethyl group in the molecular structure of dimethyl silicone fluid (INCI name: dimethicone). Because it possesses volatility, it offers a light and soft sensory feeling for end users, which is a special feature of this silicone fluid, and its volatility rate is between that of KF-995 and KF-96L- Existing 2CS. silicone fluids.

In addition, compared to existing products, the new product exhibits higher solubility with materials such as hydrocarbons and UV absorbers. In the development of personal care products, when striving to improve sensory use, a delicate difference in feeling is sought, and therefore we expect the development of this new product and its introduction on the market lead to a strong positive response from customers. following the satisfaction of their requests.

Shin-Etsu offers a very wide range of silicone products, including silicone fluids, silicone emulsions, silicone gels and silicone powders. Moreover, because they are multifunctional and have excellent safety, they have become essential cosmetic ingredients in the formulations of various personal care products with an emphasis on high functionality and quality.

Taking advantage of Shin-Etsu Chemical’s superior product quality and technological strengths, as well as our detailed response system to our customers’ demands, Shin-Etsu will continue to strive to meet the needs of the diversifying market.

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