Shiseido’s Latest Ultimune Serum Builds on Groundbreaking Blood Circulation Research

The latest serum features Shiseido’s The Lifeblood technology as well as new ingredients Houttuynia cordata and fermented hibiscus extract.

Shiseido’s latest dermatological discovery, dubbed Lifeblood Research, looked at the importance of blood circulation and its relationship to skin health and appearance.

“Lifeblood’s latest groundbreaking research involves fundamentally improving skin by constantly improving blood flow. This is different from conventional skin care technology, which only temporarily and only deals at the surface level of individual skin problems ”, said Ryota Yukisada, director of the Shiseido brand.

This concept centers on the idea that good blood circulation ensures the delivery of important nutrients like oxygen and immune cells throughout the body.

“The capillaries extend completely to the top layer of the dermis, so that immune cells are distributed throughout the skin to maintain its internal defenses at all times”, said Dr Kentaro Kajiya of the Shiseido World Research Center.

“In fact, a Shiseido study simulating the skin after a bath found that increased blood flow to the skin not only resulted in higher moisture in the stratum corneum, but also improved skin elasticity. he added.

In an experiment on blood circulation, Shiseido found that people who had good blood circulation had high levels of moisture in their stratum corneum, a fine surface texture and s “Appearance of clarity”.

In another experiment, the researchers temporarily improved blood circulation and found that the skin became firmer, indicating that the key to good skin consistently was good blood circulation.

The path to beautiful skin

To improve blood circulation, Shiseido has targeted the capillaries.

His research has shown that the capillaries of younger skin are well organized and extend all over the skin. As we age, however, the capillaries become damaged and become disorganized, thinning and shrinking in size.

To strengthen the capillaries, the company used the extract of Houttuynia cordata, also known as the chameleon plant, which “Thickens and lengthens capillaries so that they can carry immune cells throughout the body.”In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

The extract works by promoting the expression of the APJ resilience sensor in blood capillaries.

According to Shiseido, when the dermal area surrounding the capillaries is optimally strong, there are many PJAs and the capillaries are strengthened, thickened and in a stable condition.

Immunity booster

Kajiya noted that in light of the pandemic, improving skin immunity has become an important factor for consumers of beauty products today.

“With more time spent without makeup, more and more consumers are placing importance on skin care and wanting to maintain optimal skin condition. Many consumers believe that improving blood circulation will improve their overall skin, which will contribute to the growing interest in blood circulation-oriented skin care in the global market ”, Kajiya said.

Yukisada added that this could be attributed to the change in consumer behavior in recent times.

“Today’s consumers see beauty, not just as an outer layer or something you put on, they’re starting to see it as something that comes from within themselves. They recognize that inner beauty is real, and they know it is the most important aspect of their beauty. This is leading to changes in the way consumers look for new beauty solutions. “In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Through a joint research project with the Harvard-affiliated Cutaneous Biology Research Center (CBRC), the company discovered that aged fibroblasts increase in mature skin and can be eliminated by a type of immune cell called NK cells. However, the active number of NK cells decreases with age.

They found that hibiscus extract fermented with lactic acid bacteria could improve the ability of NK cells to eliminate aged fibroblast cells.

Ultimune history

Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusion Concentrate was first introduced in 2014 and has improved over the years with new dermatological research and developments in skin immunity.

The last update was in 2018, when the company renewed the formula with its ImuGeneration technology and introduced new ingredients, including reishi mushroom and iris extract.

According to the Japanese cosmetics maker, Shiseido Ultimune has won over 200 beauty awards, and one bottle is sold every 6.8 seconds around the world.

“Ultimune has the unique ability to boost skin’s multi-defense power against aging, making it popular with people of different age groups, skin types and ethnicities. The serum has won many awards around the world and wins many loyal users around the world ”,Said Nicole Tan, President and CEO of Shiseido APAC.

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