Suspected con artist fools man into depositing dog that doesn’t exist, police say

CHELSEA, MI – A Chelsea resident was baffled when he returned home to find someone waiting outside his house ready to pick up a dog they said they bought online, police said.

The problem? There was no dog and the resident never placed any ads saying he was selling one.

Police were contacted on Thursday evening, May 6, by the resident who reported that a suspected fraud had taken place, according to the Chelsea Police Department.

The resident told police the person outside their home was there to pick up a dog they had made an online deposit for, police said.

He told the stranger he was not selling any dogs and, looking at the ad, he did not recognize the name of the person associated with the sale who directed him to his Chelsea address, said the police.

The still unknown victim left without naming the Chelsea resident and did not contact Chelsea police about the alleged fraud, police said.

Police advise residents to use caution when interacting with online sellers.

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