Tallulah Willis, a ‘chronic picker with nervous hands,’ shared new photos of skin transformation

Tallulah Willis celebrates the tremendous strides she has made on her skin health journey. Willis, who has previously talked about compulsively scratching his skin, shared an ecstatic Instagram post this week showing how much her face has improved after a few months of taking good care of her skin.

“Updates from a chronic picker with nervous hands!” we * ascended * to achieve soft, rosy alien goals, ”Willis wrote alongside a series of photos (and a video) documenting the transformation of his skin in reverse chronological order.

Willis credits the progress to a “divine symphony” of skin care specialists and brands she tagged in the post, including a dermatologist and esthetician, as well as four months without skin picking. “DO NOT TOUCH MY DELICATE AND PRECIOUS FACE WITH GRUBBY NAILS IN 4 – EM ‘COUNT – 4 MONTHS,” she wrote. “I don’t think I’ve used so many emojis yet, or felt so motivated to brag – but I’m really proud !!!”

In the previous images, acne, inflammation, and Willis scab formation are visible. In the caption, Willis noted the “handlebar scab stain” which occurred two days before she was due to appear on Hello america and do a photo shoot for Vogue. “What a ride it really was! Willis wrote.

Willis, who has previously spoken to SELF about how gratifying it has been to share her struggles with skin choice on Instagram, concluded her post by speculating that her skin health may regress at some point. “All of that being said, I’m very likely going to sabotage all of this progress,” Willis wrote, “but until then I’m going to marinate in an attitude of gratitude.”

A serious habit of plucking the skin can be a form of repetitive body-centered behaviors (BFRB). This is a group of disorders in which people compulsively touch their skin or hair in a way that results in both physical damage and psychological distress, such as biting their nails or pulling their hair out. Some people with BFRB also have obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).

In skin picking disorder, sometimes called excoriation or dermatillomania, the person compulsively scratches their skin (or rubs, scratches, scrapes, or hollows out) in a way that damages the skin (such as scarring , scabs or discoloration) and find it difficult to stop the behavior. Sometimes people focus on acne, blemishes, or areas of dry skin.

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