TASCO MTB retain one customer at a time

MONTEREY, Calif. (BRAIN) – TASCO MTB is a four-person company – not including a high school student who helps part-time on the expedition – who understands the old adage that good news travels fast, but bad news travels faster .

It has never been more evident than on day two of the Sea Otter Classic on Friday.

As owner Nate Miller was showing BRAIN around TASCO MTB’s inventory, a consumer who bought a pair of his gloves online three months ago came to show him a seam defect.

“Oh, we have to fix this. I don’t like it,” said Miller, who quickly traded them in for a new pair. No questions asked, just an explanation of how the brand has since updated this couture design.

“This is how we ride,” Miller said. ” You know what ? He’s going to tell all his friends.

Word is spreading about TASCO MTB and its main products, which include short pants and long pants, as well as trail jerseys. The brand officially started in 2015 and built a reseller network after starting as an e-commerce site.

“Before the pandemic, we were probably 75% live and 25% wholesale,” Miller said. “We’re opening it up to more resellers. We were probably in about 150 stores across the country (when this pandemic hit), and, boom, it’s gone down to zero, almost 100% direct. our business has exploded. “

Miller said that online has grown because many retailers don’t want customers to try on clothes and gloves for safety reasons and for traffic to come in and out quickly during COVID-19.

“Now we’re around 50-50,” he said. “We saw it shift. The online business has stayed, but the wholesale business has grown tremendously. About 200 retailers, but a lot of it is because BTI offers it, KHS, REI, it really has increased the numbers. We started some international sales. “

And even at Sea Otter, where TASCO MTB had products to sell, business was up 50% from the previous festival in 2019, he said.

To stand out in the ATV apparel market, Miller devised a marketing strategy to match matching sets of gloves and socks, and to introduce limited edition colors and designs. It has grown into a monthly small-batch offering to retailers and online. Retailers receive a point-of-sale display to showcase the design of the month.

“Dealers have the option of purchasing a subscription, where we give them a POP,” Miller said. “They’re limited edition, and when they’re gone, they’re gone. If one of them does really well, we’ll bring it back. It’s fun. Let’s bring something new to the market. for us direct and builds this subscription business for resellers, and they don’t have to worry about the order. Every month we tempt the customer with a new design, with social media, with newsletters. We get some many loyal and loyal customers. “

TASCO MTB offers five varieties of gloves made in Vietnam, ranging from a cool weather model to a minimalist design. He recently entered the trail running shorts market and unveiled the Scout MTB Pants at Sea Otter, both also made in Vietnam.

“The Scout Shorts quickly became our number one income generator,” said Miller, who added that TASCO MTB uses a similar small batch strategy with shorts. “It sounds like a short lifestyle, but you can walk around town with them.”

Sustainability is also an integral part of TASCO MTB’s business model. He started using 90% Repreve, a performance fiber made from recycled materials that includes plastic water bottles, in some of his shorts and all pants. One pair of shorts uses 15 bottles, Miller said. She will soon be making all the shorts with Repreve.

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