The 34 most searched beauty products in the UK right now

I’m an inherently curious person, to begin with, but when it comes to beauty, my high curiosity reaches gargantuan levels, bordering on stalker. I follow makeup artists, fellow beauty editors, and digital content creators like it’s a sport, and I still wanna, no, scratch that, need know what everyone in the beauty space is currently loving, using and hoarding.

It’s pretty much written into my job description to know (and be ahead of) what’s trending in the United States in terms of beauty – be it trends, products, or brands – but my understanding of all of the above starts to slip where the other side of the pond is concerned. So the other week, while browsing through my social media and tracking down some of my favorite UK-based beauties, I had a brilliant beyond brilliant idea: why not ask some of the hottest names industry cool what’s trending and what they love on the British Front? With exposure to different types of trends and some products and brands that we may be less familiar with here in the States, this was the perfect opportunity to find new inspiration in the beauty department – something I always feel like the start of the New Year. Keep scrolling to follow some of my favorite UK-based beauty experts and shop the best of the best products right now.

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