The pink life of a local woman who underwent 12 cosmetic surgeries

Bargeoise Brazil has spent a large amount of money for her cosmetic procedures. Image via Instagram / Bargeoise.Brazil

  • Bargeoise Brazil (formerly known as Barbie Brazil) has had 12 cosmetic surgeries, has her eyebrow tattooed twice, and has a daily skin lightening routine.
  • She loves everything pink, from the car she drives to the color of her dogs. She even brings her pink food coloring to restaurants.
  • Apart from the extraordinary life, she is a businesswoman, mother of a 13-year-old Cognac and wife.

After twelve cosmetic surgeries to achieve her body and beauty goals, Bargeoise Brazil (formerly known as Barbie Brazil) says she is far from achieving the ideal image she wants.

Both wife and mom lead pretty colorful and extraordinary lives and make sure that she is surrounded by her favorite color, pink, every day. Everything in her life is pink, including her house, the drinks she consumes, her hair and even her dogs.

While her obsession with pink has always been there, Bargeoise Brazil says she never thought it could go too far.

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“Pink is legendary like me. It’s soft and yet loud, not easy to avoid. It naturally stands out from other depressing mourning colors of doom and death,” says Bargeoise Brazil, explaining how almost everything in her life has ended up being mostly pink.

“I also started buying white clothes because they are easy to dye, and I started bleaching other clothes white so they could be dyed pink. The rest is sheer madness. rose pink pooches, rose food, pink gin and tonic. “

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Even in restaurants, she kindly asks for her food and drinks to be pink. They already understand, and her family has never been embarrassed even when some onlookers make faces.

“Waiters or managers don’t mind coloring my food pink or buying food coloring in stores if I forget to put mine in my purse,” she says.

Her life has always attracted attention because of her difference and the cosmetic procedures performed on her body.

Her first surgery was breast work when she was 19. After the birth of her son Cognac (named after a drink that she could no longer drink during her pregnancy), she had another breast job. Since then, she has signed up whenever she feels there is something to change.

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She is proud of the work she has done on her body, but admits that some of her surgeries have not given her the desired results. “I had a nose job that I’m not happy with. I had a tummy tuck that left me with a long ugly scar and a not so well reshaped belly button,” she says.

“I had liposuction on my back rollers, and I had fat injected into my butt that made no difference except a considerable amount of money spent. I had my lips injected four to five times. times to get the big pout. I have crisp white top and bottom full mouth veneers that I had redone because the first job was a hideous scam joke. ”

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The bargeoise Brazil has twice tattooed her eyebrows but says she has not undergone any medical intervention recently. Her daily skin lightening routine doesn’t count, she says.

Behind the colorful life hides a businesswoman, a wife and a mother. She owns an online brand that sells skin care products.

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“I love being a mother, being responsible for another human being as magnificent as Cognac fills me with joy every day even if it annoys me, but it’s good because we are a bunch of pokers always together” , she says. .

“We’re not ordinary people and we know it, and his dad always pointed it out and found it entertaining unless I’m exaggerating as usual. Nothing is as fulfilling as knowing you can. always be yourself and never be judged no matter how outrageous or outrageous you might overtake by mistake. I would go anywhere with my boys and the boys wont be bothered, and love it, ” she says.

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