Top stories on product innovations in the APAC beauty space

1 – All that glitters: Nano Au Veda develops a nano-gold serum to deliver a luxury skincare experience

A new India-based cosmeceutical brand, Nano Au Veda, has developed a nano-gold serum designed to provide consumers with a luxurious beauty experience.

Nano Au Veda is a cosmetic skin care brand recently launched in September by Suganthshree Sudanthiram, a former engineer.

The brand debuted with just one product, Au Glow, a serum that contains vitamin C derived from Kakadu plum and nano-gold.

Swarna Bhasma, golden ash, has been used traditionally in Ayurveda for millennia. The company has modernized this by using patented green technology from the University of Missouri in the United States to synthesize nano-gold.

2 – Sun and surf: Kao will relaunch suncare brand Allie with a focus on “ocean safety” in 2022

Kao Corporation is relaunching its suncare brand, Allie, with a series of new “ocean-safe” products that align with recent regulations implemented to preserve the marine ecosystem.

Launched in 2000, Allie is Kao’s consumer sunscreen brand that is widely available in health and beauty stores across Asia.

On December 9, Kao announced that Allie was set for a relaunch, which would see a new product line and a renewed focus on sustainability. In particular, the brand would now focus on ocean safety.

The new Chrono Beauty range will be launched on February 12 in Japan.

3 – Zen for your skin: Taiwanese brand Phytoflow claims to unlock the benefits of meditation with natural extracts

Taiwanese cosmetics company 3dL Inc. is launching a new series of skincare products that claim to mimic the effect of meditation on the skin with natural extracts by increasing the release of beta-endorphin.

The company is an original design manufacturer (ODM) that owns beauty brands such as Ujelly and Horaios.

Recently, the company launched a new brand, Phytoflow, which was developed in response to what it sees as beauty consumers’ interest in wellness.

“With COVID-19 still looming around the world, uncertainty and anxiety are pervasive in day-to-day life. This influences not only a person’s mental state, but also the appearance of her skin. We have all seen the market trends and believe that skin care products related to relaxation and wellness are the future, even in the post-pandemic era,” ​said Timmy Pan, Global Product Development Manager at 3dL Inc.

4 – Chew That: Dentist Develops Eco-Friendly Toothpaste Lozenges That Meet Dental Care Standards

A dentist in Australia has developed environmentally friendly toothpaste tablets to meet consumers’ desire for high oral care products that meet dental care standards.

The oral care space has undergone a transformation as more and more people are beginning to view toothpaste and mouthwash as a beauty lifestyle product.

This is driven by new independent brands and start-ups that are putting a new spin on oral care, presenting it as an extension of the beauty routine.

While the change in the way we think about oral care is exciting, dentist Dr Rob Wood is concerned that these brands are neglecting the oral health aspect of products.

5 – Would the sheep believe him? Tasmanian dairy develops skincare range from unwanted sheep’s milk

A family-run dairy has ventured into cosmetics with the aim of turning unwanted sheep’s milk into a line of luxury sheep’s milk skin care products.

Ewecare is the latest addition to the family’s operations, which already included Grandvewe Cheeses and Hartshorn Distillery, which produces an award-winning vodka made from sheep’s whey.

The companies are run by Diana Rae and her children Nicole Gilliver and Ryan Hartshorn.

The family designed Ewecare to use milk that was not fit to be made into cheese and would otherwise have been discarded.

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