Valve has added a new Dota 2 cosmetic to support players and teams participating in The International 2022

If you have observed the developments around 2022 Dota 2 Battle Pass, you probably saw the mention of team players and stickers in the initial reveal. And, now that the regional qualifiers are complete and the Last Chance Qualifier lineup is set, Valve is rolling out a new feature for the game client with spaced out release dates.

Starting today, players can find team and player autograph capsules for the top 12 teams of 2022 dota Pro Circuit in the brand new Sticker Store. The other 18 teams, the six that won the regional qualifier and the LCQ entrants, will be added next week.

There are multiple uses for these stickers with players able to fill their sticker collection or place them on specific heroes, much like how you can put stickers on guns. CS: GO.

The sticker collection will serve as a digital filing cabinet for players to collect all available team stickers. You can collect up to 16 Battle Pass Tiers to complete one, five, 10, or all 30 teams, while setting a favorite “team line” that will be displayed on your profile page.

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As for equipping stickers, you can put them on your profile card or attach them to specific heroes. Stickers displayed like this will be visible in the Versus and MVP screens and can be equipped through each hero’s hero page.

All stickers purchased from the Sticker Shop are tradable and marketable, while additional Sticker Pods can be obtained naturally by upgrading the Battle Pass – at levels one, 150, and 300 to start with.

Just like with the Supporters Club feature introduced during the current DPC season, 50% of the revenue from this product will go towards supporting the teams included in the capsule. Don’t expect this to increase the trolling TI11 prize pool much.

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