WATCH – Shiseido and Native Extracts on How Inclusiveness and Acceptance Alters the Course of Aging Skin

In this age of inclusiveness and acceptance, the fear of aging is slowly diminishing. The story moves away from anti-aging to age well and age in an authentic way.

“Consumers these days are much more open and they are more positive about aging… We have seen that they don’t just focus on problem solving, they now embrace aging and all stages of life.” said Bow Tachamahachai, Regional Brand Manager, Shiseido APAC.

When it comes to skin aging, the focus is now more on health and healthy appearance rather than aesthetics.

“We’ve spent a lot of time focusing on lifespan, and we’re really getting there now that we’re living longer… We’re going to see a lot more work this decade on ‘health’, and on what and where we can find solutions to improve it ”, said Lisa Carroll, director of Native Extracts.

This new, more positive view of aging is pushing cosmetic companies to look at skin aging from a whole new perspective in terms of product development.

Shiseido, for example, recently re-introduced its best-selling Ultimune serum, which features new research into the importance of blood circulation and its relationship to skin health and overall appearance.

Carroll said CosmeticsDesign-Asiathat she believes the category will expand beyond skin care and hair and body care, which still lack pro-aging developments.

“When you talk to people in their 50s, it’s a very different story, we already have three, four, five decades of damage. So how do we talk to this group now about aging, and it’s not just your face, it’s your hair, it’s your body – it’s your health. “

The fundamental overhaul of the category is also prompting the industry to rethink its communications – like the term “anti-aging” itself – which is becoming less and less relevant to today’s savvy consumers.

“When it comes to the term anti-aging, more specifically, we believe that over the next three to five years, it may evolve to become more inclusive and more positive. We think the term ageless beauty could be used more widely to really encourage them to be more confident and comfortable in their own skin, regardless of their age ”, said Tachamahachai.

To hear more from Bow and Lisa on current advancements that are poised to meet new and more complex consumer needs for aging skin, watch the video above.

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