Woman accused of selling unapproved COVID remedies online | criminality

A woman has been accused of selling adulterated or mislabelled drugs, after Food and Drug Administration investigators said she was shipping remedies that she said would confer immunity to COVID-19, but which didn’t have not been approved for this use by the FDA.

Diana Daffin of Charlotte, North Carolina, was indicted in New Hampshire U.S. District Court on Tuesday after FDA investigators in the Boston administration’s regional office inquired about the appeals and dispatched them in New Hampshire.

The investigation began when an FDA investigator found a website in March 2020, Holistic Healthy Pet, promoting homeopathic remedies touting “Corona Viral Immune Support and / or Active Respiratory Infection for all ages”.

The FDA wrote to the email addresses listed on the website in early April 2020, warning that some of the products it was marketing for sale were “adulterated, mislabeled and unapproved new drugs.”

Daffin responded by saying that she had removed the products from her website.

But a retired FDA investigator emailed the website a few weeks later requesting a product marketed to treat “human pandemic influenza.” The website owner responded by email, offering to sell the product that Daffin said he had withdrawn.

FDA investigators made an “undercover purchase” of the human pandemic influenza product at the end of June and by early July had received a package from Australia, from a company doing business. under the name of HAMPL Pet Formulas.

In August, the FDA again warned the owners of the Holistic Healthy Pet website, this time against the sale of unapproved pet drugs, which must also be approved by the FDA if they are advertised as treating a pet. specific condition. Daffin responded by email, writing that she would stop selling the HAMPL line of products.

Daffin removed the products from the website, but another undercover investigator who checked the website asked Daffin when it would resell. Daffin gave him a password that allowed him to log into the site. According to the affidavit, anyone with the password could log in and see many products that Daffin had been told were still on sale.

Another undercover FDA investigator emailed Daffin in February 2021 asking for his products. After purchasing remedies for pets, the investigator emailed Daffin, writing, “too bad none of this holistic therapy worked on the COVID 19 virus, so you would be ready.”

Daffin responded, “This stuff works for COVID but the FDA shut it down,” she wrote.

In another email, Daffin said the same products the FDA warned him against selling were still for sale, but under different names. She called the products “natural vaccines” in an email to the FDA investigator, and said they could ease symptoms of COVID-19.

The remedy was shipped to an address in New Hampshire where the FDA received it.

Homeland Security investigators have found that since 2015, Daffin has received more than 100 packages from Australian company HAMPL and people associated with the company.

Daffin was arrested in North Carolina on Tuesday and charged with selling “mislabelled and adulterated drugs” and receiving those drugs for sale.

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