Zero + collection: water-free, plant-based and plastic-free

“The Zero + collection has been developed on the basis of the concept that less is really more and that the creation of zero waste in turn creates positive value for both the end user and the environment”said Musa Dias, Marketing Director at WWP Beauty.

Turnkey line launch is part of business evolution from supplier of color cosmetics packaging to full-service manufacturer of sustainable skin care, fragrance and hair care products .

Reduction: “Less is really more”

For WWP Beauty, reach “zero”This not only means reducing waste, plastic, water consumption and carbon footprint, but also the number of products offered and the time required to apply them.

“Today more than ever, we are seeing beauty consumers increasingly adopting streamlined beauty routines based on multifunctional products – born out of the desire to shop in a more sustainable way while saving time and money. . ” said Dias.

The condensed collection includes Skin preparation + PerfectorBlurring balm with beetroot extract, elderberry extract and sea foam, the Face + Eyes + Lips EnhancerWith squalane, elderberry extract and sea moss, and the Eyebrow Shaper + HairdresserPomade for eyebrows, beards and flyaways with Jamaican black castor oil and fenugreek.

The articles were developed as “gender neutral”and made with clean, vegan, and cruelty-free formulas to meet the Sephora, Credo, and Ulta Beauty cleansing lists.

Renaissance: “Zero waste”

The introduction of the Zero + packaging line tells an additional sustainability story of ‘Rebirth’, a sixth ‘R’ that expands the beauty industry movement to reduce, reuse, recycle, replace and respect.

“We have added ‘Rebirth’ to our sustainability ‘Rs’ because it represents our commitment as a company to finding solutions that truly promote circularity.”Michael Tognetti, senior director of global sustainability and chairman of the WWP Beauty circular committee, said when introducing Rebirth in July.

Created from bamboo, rice husk and green tea by-products sourced and made in Taiwan, the “collection of plastic-free, plant-based packaging made from natural and renewable ingredients ” is part of an effort to reduce the overall carbon footprint of components. While not recyclable, it gives food supply chain waste a second life, the company told Cosmetics Design-USA. Durable, cruelty-free accessories and natural soy ink can also be incorporated into product development.

Other circular beauty initiatives from WWP Beauty: cosmetic bags made from environmentally friendly materials, refillable and recyclable sticks, Eco-Pac tubes that reduce GHG emissions by up to 93% and plastic by up to 19 %, a range of contactless PCR tubes with applicators, a mono-material jar, a glass care collection and an upcoming refillable collection for color cosmetics and skin care.

The company recently added partnerships with environmentally conscious organizations such as the United Nations Global Compact, the Sustainable Packaging Coalition and the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

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